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Proven Expertise in Skills Assessment

ProfileSoft offers a scientific tool designed to assess individual skills in human resources management. Given the fact that 80% of an individual's professional success depends on his or her personal skills, it is essential to probe more than the individual's diplomas and work experience. That is why ProfileSoft assesses people (personality, behaviours) and their milieu (health, wellness).

Appraising employees requires a number of elements. For example, their interaction style, technical orientation, entrepreneurship, motivation and leadership must be closely analyzed. Our analysis is followed up with recommendations to assist you in conducting interviews, designing appropriate integration plans or adapting training programs.

Proven Reliability
Owing to research that spans some 20 years, the ProfileSoft tool has, to date, established the profile of more than 250,000 individuals. Initially developed using empirical data, concepts were validated among a sample of 47,000 participants. Our methods are based on the most recent developments in the field of statistics and psychometrics. Complete technical documents (more than 200 pages) are available on line. Click here for immediate access.

Undisputed Advantages
ProfileSoft will provide you the opportunity to improve your hiring quality and your human resources management, while increasing employee productivity and optimizing time utilization. Furthermore, our tool will allow you to reduce turnover time and mentorship. In short, you will save time, money and energy, but more importantly, you will be confident that you have hired the right person, at the right place and at the right time.

Technological Efficacy
Moreover, by integrating ProfileSoft into your career site, you will significantly increase the efficacy of your hiring process. Compared to traditional methods, such energetic integration will indeed allow you to invest less time and money and to reduce delays - while providing access to an 80% performance level. Why risk hiring based only on your intuition when ProfileSoft provides you the opportunity to make objective, sensible choices for less?

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